Cupcakes With Brown Butter Frosting

Original post can be found here. Also featured on Cream Puffs in Venice.

The day after I made my Brownie Sundae Cake with Chocolate Chips, I came upon this challenge at 17 & Baking — to make a dessert involving browned butter in some way. I figured, hell, why not — so I browsed through recipes on the Internet and decided that the easiest one for me to do would be regular ol’ cupcakes with buttercream frosting — only with browned butter instead, obviously.

I watched videos on YouTube and read about a dozen different recipes in the meantime. It looked simple enough, as long as I didn’t burn the butter.

But, knowing me, of course it wasn’t that simple.

I made the cupcakes from a mix first, and they came out pretty good. No problems so far…

But then I had to begin browning the butter. My mom insisted that she provide assistance, although she had never browned butter before either. (“It would never even occur to me.”) So, I chopped up the butter, plopped it in, and….

Well, it fizzed, and we stirred and stirred and stirred like the recipe said, and… it wasn’t turning brown. It didn’t smell nutty like it was supposed to.

It did eventually turn sort of brown, but it didn’t really smell like anything (not to me, at least), and when I put it in the buttercream, the buttercream certainly didn’t taste nutty either. Those videos were totally not helpful. Nor were the various websites. They all made it seem like it wouldn’t take ages for it to brown, so you had to take it out as soon as it turned brown. IDK, we probably did it wrong somehow, but I’m not sure what happened.

It still tasted good, though. BUT SO SUGARY JFC. Seriously, if I had more than one of these I think I might go into a diabetic coma. But it would be a delicious coma.

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