Italian Buttercream Fail

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I should’ve known better than to do something even moderately difficult like Italian Buttercream because I have no idea what I’m doing and I suck. I can’t even separate eggs, for God’s sakes.

It just goes to show, everything I do I am hopelessly mediocre at. I wanted to throw out the cupcakes but my mom won’t let me because she says my dad will eat them, even though I know he won’t because he never eats anything I bake. I don’t want yet another cupcake from a mix with fucking store-bought frosting because I am an incompetent idiot.

Just forget it.

ETA: I calmed down after about a minute and made regular buttercream instead. And I still got to use my cool dessert decorator thing, so yay!

What happened was, I couldn’t separate the egg whites to save my life. The yolk kept falling out. I don’t know if it was the eggs themselves or if it was me, but the yolk was running all over the place and I wound up wasting about 18 eggs trying to get six goddamn egg whites. So I told my mom to please get me some egg whites from the store (I didn’t feel like going) when she got home from work. So I poured the egg whites into the bowl, mixed it, put the sugar and water on the stove… and I think where I might have messed up was letting the sugar cool for a bit because I wasn’t sure if the egg whites were doing what they were supposed to be doing, and then the sugar wound up caramelizing in the bowl and it was RUINED FOREVER.

So I went and cried in my room for a bit and felt like fail before I decided that I wanted to finish my damn cupcakes, even if I had to make regular, sugary buttercream. Luckily I still had some confectioner’s sugar left over from last time, and it wasn’t a ridiculous amount so this instance of buttercream frosting wasn’t as sugary as the last few times.

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