Strawberry Cake Balls

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For my baking adventure this week, I decided to make Cake Balls, using the Bakerella recipe, only with strawberry cake and vanilla frosting instead of red velvet and cream cheese, because these are for my friend who was feeling down and her favorite color is pink.

Remind me next time not to bake things when my parents are in the house. They ask me a million questions about what I’m doing and get in my way and nvironvio3. They mean well, but it’s still irritating. I don’t like people watching me when I’m trying to do stuff; it stresses me out.

I spent pretty much all day Thursday making the cake from the mix, letting it sit out while me and my mom ran some errands, mixed in the vanilla frosting, froze it for several hours, then rolled it into these:

Then I had to freeze those for a few hours. Finally, I was able to melt the chocolate and get down to business. I knew from the beginning I was going to mess this part up because I am notoriously clumsy. I used a spoon like Bakerella suggested, even though I knew this was a bad idea and chocolate would drip everywhere, but I did it anyway because I don’t really have anything else to dip with. Luckily we have two freezers so I was able to do them all a few at a time, but by the end the five balls left were too soft and they kept breaking apart in the chocolate so I had to throw them all out. Sad.

And the mess I left was insane. It was like someone had eaten only chocolate for five weeks, then threw up into the sink. It looked like the chocolate river in Willy Wonka. Anyway, I left them in the fridge overnight and decorated them the following morning before meeting my friend. And of course my decorations looked like crap.

All in all, I’d have to say that making cake balls is a pain in the ass and not worth the effort. At least, for me and my bad hand-eye coordination, anyway.


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