Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yet another baking disaster, thanks to my Chocolate Chip recipe book. I swear to God, whoever wrote those recipes either is magic and can make dough with just butter and sugar, or she forgot some ingredients, or I am just an idiot (most likely option), but whenever I try to make cookies with a recipe from there IT IS NOT DOUGH and I have to add eggs and then it all goes to shit. I AM NEVER MAKING COOKIES FROM THAT BOOK EVER AGAIN.


I decided to participate in Sugar High Fridays again, even though I am only an amateur and my stuff will look sad and pathetic compared to everyone else’s, but oh well. The recipe I picked was these little cookies called “Melting Moments” that are apparently popular in Australia and New Zealand. They’re basically two plain tea cookies with some filling smushed between them.

Well, I tried, man. I had to buy corn starch and cake flour to make these, and, like I said before, no dough. Only powder. Just like last time with the cheesecake bars. So, I cracked an egg in there, and that seemed to work! I was all “Oh yeah, I’m awesome, fixing other people’s recipes, what up”, until I got cocky and decided to add a second egg.

Yeah, that might’ve been where I went wrong.

The dough was way too wet after I added the second egg, so I couldn’t form the dough into balls and it kept sticking to my hands. So I had to plop it on the baking sheet instead.

The recipe said to leave them in there for thirty minutes, so that’s what I did. And they came out looking like this.

When they were supposed to look like this:

They did taste good — exactly how you’d expect them to taste, anyway — but they looked like crap, and the second batch didn’t look any better (they actually looked worse), so I basically said “Fuck it”, and went with my back-up plan — mini chocolate chip cookies.

Now that is dough, goddammit.

My cookies are always such a hit, I figured this would be a good alternative. And mini chocolate chips would probably be super cute, I thought. And they kinda were. I just wish I knew why my cookies always come out flat.

(and yes, that is a Wolverine bobblehead in the background)

A couple of the cookies were too big for my liking, so I was forced to eat a few. You know, for the integrity of the photos.

Yum, gooey, gooeyness.

(full list of Sugar High Fridays here)


4 thoughts on “Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. Erin says:

    They look delicious. šŸ˜€ And personally, I’m not a fan of big doughy cookies, like the “proper” cookies are. I’d rather eat your flat crispy cookies. šŸ˜€

    I lol’d at the “yeah, I’m awesome, fixing other peoples’ recipes, what up” bit. ^_^

  2. Aparna says:

    We all have disasters in the kitchen, most of just don’t post them. It requires a lot of courage, you know. šŸ™‚
    But your chocolate chip cookies look good to me. And I like your method of maintaining the integrity of your pictures. LOL

    Thanks for sending your cookies to SHF: Bite Size Desserts.

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