Sugar Cookies

I would like to write this entry but all I want to do is play with my Christmas presents! Some of which included baking supplies (a cookie press, a mini-cupcake pan, and two 9-inch round cake pans!). I hope to get a lot of use out of those, especially the cake pans. It’s time I made a layered cake!

Anyway, yes, sugar cookies. I got a rolling pin for Christmas last year and still hadn’t used it until now, which was just sad. I decided to make my friends some rolled sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. But, uh. It didn’t quite work out.

It’s been kind of a bad week for me — travel-wise, baking-wise, and work-wise. I tried making chocolate crinkle cookies for the people at work, but that was a total bust. They all melted and blew up, probably because there wasn’t enough flour. Except I added more flour and the dough was still too sticky, so I threw it away out of annoyance. Then I tried to make these and asdfbgntbo4pbn4rnv ARRRRGH.

I’ve never made rolled cookies before. I don’t really know how to measure the dough thickness etc etc etc. I mean, the cookies turned out okay I guess, but not awesome.

Because I was pressed for time I was going to use just a Christmas tree cookie cutter, even though I have a whole bucket of Christmas cookie cutters that are now useless until next year. I was going to decorate them with green and red royal icing.


I woke up early but it still took me so long to make the damn cookies that I didn’t have time to make icing, pipe the edges, wait for it to cool, flood more icing, wait for that to cool, then add little red “ornaments” (aka small dots). So they had to be boring-looking, alright-tasting sugar cookies.

Then this happened.

Normally losing a couple cookies isn’t a big deal, but I had made so few cookies as it was since I don’t know how to properly utilize the dough to get the most out of them, and so my friends would be stuck with only three cookies each… that is, they would have if I had managed to actually get to see them when I wanted to. My boyfriend and I were driving over to my hometown when my one friend called and said she was going to be staying at her college. We tried to head over there but it was extremely dark and his GPS died and I didn’t know the way and we got incredibly lost. I was hungry and annoyed and miserable so I canceled and we headed to the diner where I scarfed down a burger in sadness.

But, for now it’s okay, because we’ll be having a get-together on New Year’s Eve. I plan to bake something for that, too. Let’s hope those plans don’t go to shit too.


Happy Holidays, everyone! And have a happy New Year!

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