About the Baker

Jackie is a 23-year-old former film student turned part-time lackey. She decided to start baking after reading Julia Child’s memoirs, and because she enjoys all things sweet and delicious. Detailing her failures and successes in this endeavor brings her great creative satisfaction and also despair. She has very large student loan debts, so please send all cash donations via Pony Express.

E-mail: lov.bones [at] gmail.com

5 thoughts on “About the Baker

  1. lol this is just like that movie “Julie and Julia”. you’ve seen it right? such an inspiration 🙂

  2. cool. that move made me want to cook too. and now i do… but only because i have a nice kitchen and the right utensils to get the job done…. for now at least… :/

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  4. at350degrees says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! http://at350degrees.wordpress.com/2013/03/08/super-sweet-blogger-award/ Congrats!

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