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Peanut Butter Icebox Cake

Apologies, apologies. I know I said I would post something here once a month, but… well, life gets in the way. Life, and a gradually decreasing inclination to bake. It’s sad, that something I used to get excited about now just makes me shrug and put it off. If I didn’t feel so guilty about never updating this site, never using my camera, and never using all of the baking equipment and supplies I’ve acquired over the past two years, I probably wouldn’t even be doing this entry right now.

It’s kind of depressing, but it’s the truth.

But! I still had fun making this anyway. I was originally going to make Peanut Butter Pie, but decided not to because the recipe was all, “lol buy cool whip” and I was like, “lol no”. Then I was going to make Coconut Macaroon Bars at the suggestion of my mother, but I had almost none of the ingredients and was not in the mood to blow a ton of money.

My boyfriend came up with the idea to make icebox cake, something he’s made a bunch of times before and loves. Icebox cake is basically just whipped cream and cookies, so what’s not to like? But I decided to make it a little different by making a peanut butter whipped cream instead.

In the past when I’ve made whipped cream, it’s never formed stiff peaks. I’ve read that chilling the bowl and the beaters helps, but I just… never did that? For some reason? I did this time, though, and it totally worked. The cream formed stiff peaks in no time. It was awesome. I didn’t have to whip it for ages and ages just to get it halfway there. I was quite pleased with myself.

I’m actually not a huge fan of peanut butter, and thus not of this whipped cream, but others seemed to love it so I suppose it was a success. I mean, I do like peanut butter sometimes, but… I guess it depends. I definitely don’t like just straight peanut butter.


We used a loaf pan for this, and we nearly ran out of cookies to stack due to not being able to correctly gauge exactly how much whipped cream should go in between each cookie. We used a little too much so we weren’t able to completely frost the top.

But really, how can you mess up whipped cream and chocolate wafers? I would’ve thought I could have found a way, but I didn’t.

Rob frosted the top and covered it in crumbs from the remaining cookies, which also conveniently hid the bits where the frosting didn’t cover the cookies completely. That’s my motto — if you mess up, cover it in sprinkles.

And it was a huge hit! I brought it to work a couple days later, and everyone who had it said it was completely delicious. It’s nice to do something right for a change.

I really will try to update this blog more often. I do still like baking, even if I don’t get to do it very often and at the moment I’m kinda “meh” towards it. I just like creating things, whether it be cookies, or stories, or movies, or doodles of Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth glaring at each other in a rowboat (I am going to be a MESS once season 3 of Game of Thrones starts, you guys).

Peanut Butter Icebox Cake

2 cups of heavy cream

1 cup of granulated sugar

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 box of thin chocolate wafers

Get an electric mixer. Chill the bowl and beaters you will be using to make the whipped cream in the fridge for at least fifteen minutes. Whip the heavy cream and sugar together until they form stiff peaks, about ten minutes. Or, if you do it by hand, considerably longer. Mix in the peanut butter.

Get a long pan, and take the wafers and spread whipped cream on them. Stack them in the pan until the pan is full. Spread the rest of the whipped cream on top. If you have leftover cookies, crumble them and sprinkle them on top. Let set in the fridge for four hours. Serve and enjoy!

Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake

I was at work when I got a text message from my mom.

“Do you have a Hershey’s lookbook?”

Lookbook? Oh, cookbook. I texted her back no, then received another message informing me that she was looking at one in a bookstore right that moment and everything in it looked delicious and awesome and that she was going to get it for me. Hey, who am I to turn down a free recipe book?

And she was right. Oh god, was she ever right. I want to eat everything in this book, even the stuff I don’t think I would actually enjoy, like the black forest cake (or anything with cherries in it, really). If only there was a way to make stuff in books appear in the real world. I’d probably gain a hundred pounds.

But, such devices do not exist, and so I must make the baked goods myself. I decided on the Peanut Butter Fudge Cheesecake for a couple of reasons. 1) It looked amazingly tasty, 2) Because I’ve never made cheesecake before and it was about time I made one, and 3) Did I mention it looked really, really good?

The recipe wanted me to use vanilla wafers for the crust, but I eschewed that in favor of graham crackers because I don’t play by the rules, man. As I was crushing the graham crackers with my rolling pin (instead of a hammer), I grew more and more worried. Given my track record recently, it seemed inevitable that I fuck this up in one way or another. The cheesecake would probably crack. Oh God, it was definitely going to crack. It was going to look awful. What if it tasted awful, too? What if it was just a lumpy and disgusting mess and a waste of cream cheese? WHAT IF THE WORLD ENDED BECAUSE OF THIS CHEESECAKE???

While the crust was cooking I hurriedly researched on the internet about how to prevent cheesecakes from cracking and the best ways to bake them. I grew more and more freaked out as I looked at the long lists of instructions and warnings. Cheesecakes are temperamental little buggers, apparently! Just the slightest thing could make them fall apart entirely, according to the things I read. I started losing more and more confidence, but I had already started making it, so I couldn’t stop now.

And wouldn’t you know, one of the things I feared would happen came true — the cream cheese would not get soft and was still cold, therefore causing lumps in the batter. I actually started mixing it together a bit with my hands in an effort to warm the cold cream cheese and cause it to meld into the batter. It worked a little, but not really. Baking things in winter is impossible. Or maybe my microwave is doing it wrong.

Anyway, I kept going, melting the peanut butter chips and the chocolate.

In hindsight, I probably should’ve used more peanut butter. The taste of peanut butter wasn’t as strong as I would’ve liked. I seperated the batter, and poured the melted chocolate chips into one, peanut butter chips into the other. Chocolate layer first, peanut butter layer second. The batter was still lumpy and didn’t spread across the pan quite correctly. The videos all had silky smooth batter that didn’t require spreading with a spatula. But, oh well.

Using a few of the tips I’d gotten from the Intertubes, I wrapped my springform pan with foil, filled a baking pan with water, placed the springform pan into that (it’s called a water bath, for those of you not ~in the know~), and put it in the oven, crossing my fingers. Not literally, but metaphorically.

So sure was I that the top would be cracked once it was finished that, when I finally took it out of the oven some time later, I was astonished to find…

NO CRACKS. NONE. ZERO. I was amazed and proud and confused. I kept feeling like, because it didn’t crack, I did something wrong. But nope! It was delicious! Everyone loved it and sang my praises over it! Parades were held in my honor! I was given a large, expensive medal!

Though, as you can see, I…uh… forgot to spray the pan. Again. Because I’m an idiot. I really need to remember to do that.

In any case, I’m really pleased that my first attempt at cheesecake went so well. It didn’t go off without a hitch, but you know, that’s to be expected. I have to remember I can’t be perfect at everything. Or anything, really, because most people aren’t, no matter how much it appears that they are.

I’ll add the recipe here later, but I need to go to work soon.


Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

IT’S HALLOWEEN! A time for scary things! Like spiiiiders.

Okay, so originally I was going to make Jack O’ Lantern cake pops. And I did, actually, start making them yesterday. But something went terribly, terribly wrong!

I made the actual cake balls, and no problems arose. But then, when I put the orange candy melts in my Pyrex container and melted them in the microwave… they burned. Badly.

I tried several more times, but they burned and burned and burned until I had no more candy melts left. I threw out my cake balls in frustration and decided to do something entirely different. I hate making cake balls anyway, so nyah nyah to cake balls. I don’t know what I’m going to do with these leftover lollipop sticks, though.

I flipped through my Betty Crocker Fall Baking magazine thingy, and found something relatively easy to do — Peanut Butter Spider Cookies!

You can either make the cookies themselves from a mix or with a from-scratch recipe. I went with the mix because I’m crunched for time and I knew the spiders themselves would take a while to assemble. But if you want to be a purist you can do it from scratch.

I made the cookie mix, and while that was baking I unwrapped all of the Reese’s cups. The original recipe said to use these caramel candy things, but I couldn’t find any so I just went with these, since they are roughly the same size, plus it’s more peanut butter. The recipe instructed me to immediately place the candy on top of the cookies once I took them out of the oven, and I did.

They melted quite a bit, but I guess they were supposed to, so you can stick the M&M’s and licorice legs on. And, as I suspected, it took me a little while to do that. I recommend doing one at a time and putting them on a plate in the fridge, then putting them in the freezer so they can set and the legs don’t fall off.

And the final touch — the pupils!

(I couldn’t find black decorating gel so I just used red)

These things are super adorable/scary, and they are (probably) delicious. Now, the problem is how to transport them to my friend’s house tonight…

Peanut Butter Spider Cookies

adapted from Betty Crocker

1 pouch of peanut butter cookie mix

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 tablespoon water

1 egg

36 Reese’s miniature cups, unwrapped

Black string licorice (or you can cut up black Twizzlers, like I did)

M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces

Black or red decorating gel

Heat oven to 375 degrees F. In medium bowl, stir mix, vegetable oil, water, and egg together until dough forms. Shape the dough into small balls and place two inches apart on baking sheet. Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until light golden brown. Immediately press 1 Reese’s cup into center of each cookie, then let cool for two minutes on sheet. Transfer to wire rack and let cool completely.

Press two M&M’s or Reese’s Pieces onto the front of the candies. Then cut the licorice into small strings and stick three on each side. Place in fridge after each cookie is assembled, then transfer to freezer to let it set. Take out, then use the gel to make pupils on the eyes.


Oh, I almost forgot! I picked up this little thing at the bookstore yesterday —

Should come in handy!